Our Clipboard Manager is:

What's New:

  1. Added macro expressions support (for example, instead of #HOURS24:0#:#MINUTES:0#:#SECONDS:0# will be current time – 14:51:02).
  2. Added date and time macros.
  3. Added macro #TOOKEN# wich represents text currently selected in another application. Its usage is primarily “framing” selected text.
  4. Its possible to set up delays before appbar appears and disapears when autohide mode of application bar turned on.
  5. It became possible to export data to separate file and import it. This feature can be used to backup data or to give it to another user.
  6. You can import saved data by double-click on file which contains that data in Windows Explorer window.
  7. Removal commands perform data removing without placing it to Recycle Bin when Shift button held.
  8. Now user's button tooltips display also hot-keys combinations assigned to that buttons.
  9. Eliminated problem with auto-update under Windows 9x.


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